Digital detoxification

You were able to ignore your phone’s alerts whenever you had been on vacation, but now that you’re back at work, it’s back to reality.

However, a digital detoxification will help you work more efficiently and truly unwind after working hours. Do you find it hard to be away from your smartphone? And do you frequently waste precious time aimlessly sharing and liking social network posts? Follow these tips and you’ll be able to maintain this electronic detoxification after your vacation.

1. Check your mailbox at specific times
You know the feeling: you’re focused on a task and here comes an email from a colleague about another job. Just needs a fast answer… however you’ve lost your focus. Don’t enable your mail box to dictate your timetable. Turn off notifications on your Personal Computer and smartphone. Read your e-mails at set times throughout your workday: once in the morning and once from the mid-day, as an example. Like that, assessing your mail box won’t accelerate your work schedule.

2. Add appointments and to do’s in your calendar
Don’t only apply your calendar to keep appointments with others; you also need to produce a clear schedule including all the things you should do this. Set the committed email moments on your calendar, as planning is very important to steer clear of distractions. Schedule time blocks on your calendar for every task and block interferences, like social network, e-mails or everything on-line when you’re carrying out the tasks.

3. Turn off your smartphone notifications 
Switch off all alarms, pings, beeps and vibrating functions as much as possible, as it’s quite easy to be lured to check what’s fresh whenever your phone makes a noise. And before you realize it, you’ve wasted half an hour on WhatsApp and scrolling through Instagram Stories. Protect yourself from digital distraction. By the way, did you know that, based on a latest German poll, we look at our smartphone on average 88 times every day? That’s a lot… too much, no?

4. Take one step at a time
Don’t attempt to resist all electronic temptations at once and don’t be too hard on yourself. For example, begin by banning your smartphone and Personal Computer during your lunch break or during meetings. Or keep your phone out of reach from the time you pick up the kids from college until after dinner. It’s easier to tackle one habit at a time, as opposed to really go cold turkey right away.

5. Time limits are important

Give yourself a certain period of time every day to be active on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth, and try to stick to it. You waste a great deal of time when you’re scrolling aimlessly down posts and switching from one application to another. There are applications made to assist you become more aware of your screen time, like Quality Time and Moment. By clearly showing you how much time you are losing on-line, they supply you still have another motivation to set yourself a limit.

6. Support your efforts with an app

Are you unable to stick to this digital detoxification without help? There are applications who support your efforts by blocking specific web sites, social network, applications, etc. on your phone / computer for a set period of time. Freedom is such a tool: it blocks the web sites and applications that disturb you. It also allows you to choose whenever you would like block what is on which devices.